Times are tough, and there are folks around Wyoming who need a little extra to make it through the week, or even just the day.

The Salvation Army’s local branch, located in Gillette Wyoming, is having trouble keeping its shelves full for Campbell County.

Supply chain challenges and a shortage of donations have hit the organization hard.

“We’re pretty much out of food. … I’m not usually one to squawk and beg but I’ve been squawking and begging lately because, truth is, we just don’t have enough money,” said the local director. (County 17).

The Gillette Salvation Army holds food drives twice a year and every year. Their bill totals about $30,000 on food and about $60,000 on rent and utilities.

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There are several ways to help, no matter where you live.

Donate money to the local branch of the international organization or by donating supplies. You can follow this link for finical help.

You can go to their Facebook page to see what their day-to-day needs are.

If you are in the area you can drop by the Campbell County Commissioners’ office doors or in the box that’s in the vestibule of the courthouse, right inside the main doors into the lobby, she said. The courthouse is at 500 S. Gillette Ave.

Trends Furniture and Camelanes will have boxes too.

Charities Hope For Extra Donations On "Giving Tuesday"
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But don't just think about food.

Please consider what other items people might need. Shoes, sox, coats, blankets, personal care items like soap, and toothbrushes. The list goes on.

For those reading this who live outside of Gillette and Campbell County, It might just be easier to send a donation through their regional website. 

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