You can always tell when I am telling a FALSE story when I begin it with -

THERE I WAS, the coldest of the cold days one winter in Wyoming. The local weatherman told us that we should get used to this for a while. The cold wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I can put up with the cold, but I knew I did not need to put up with it. I was raised in Florida. My sister still lives there. Just the other day she was complaining to me that it was too hot down there.

I see a "WIN - WIN" situation here. So, I wrote a letter to my sister in Florida.

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Think about it - she needed ice to keep cool. I needed warmth.

Since, in today's modern world, we can package and overnight express just about anything, why can't we make a trade?

Now, if you're thinking there is not way this can possibly work I invite you to click on the video - above - and see exactly how we did it.

I'm beginning to think I can start a business here, shipping warmth to where it needs to be in exchange for cold to those who need it.

Imagine opening up a box and finding a bottle of warm tropical air. You open the lid and  WOOSH - instant relief. And that relief comes with the wonderful smells of Florida orange groves and sweet grass.

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