Winter showed up a little early this week and I want to give a HUGE thank you to every man and woman that was out early clearing the roads, parking lots and sidewalks. It's an incredibly tough job, takes hours to complete and it seems no one is ever happy. So, THANK YOU for a job well done and we'll continue to pass along these thanks throughout the fall/winter!

I love driving around Casper and checking out all the cool landmarks, shops, stores, restaurants and other sights.There have been many times I've been cruising around and come to an intersection and think how difficult and intense it is...when it's dry...add snow and ice and they're downright intimidating. No matter how hard the crews work to clear them, there is nothing they can do to make them 100% safe. Hills, offset crossroads, mysterious traffic lights, hills and other obstacles stand in the way.

If you've spent any time on the streets of Casper, you have a pretty good idea of where those trouble spots are. We asked you which intersections you were worried about when it starts snowing and gets slippery and the answers were very similar. Actually all but one of the answers were on the South side of I-25 and the one that is on the North side is actually at the intersection of the on ramp of I 25.

Not sure what can be done to fix these problem areas (that's above our pay grade), but one suggestion is that you try an avoid the intersections that give you butterflies when you approach them. See if you agree with your Casper neighbors for the worst intersections when winter driving.

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