WOW- Look at all that snow you have to move. This is going to be a workout.

But where do you move all of that snow? Depending on where your house is, that could be a problem.

Here are a few simple rules for clearing what you need to clear without looking like a jerk.

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1.) Don't toss it into the street. I can't tell you how many people I know who hit cars as they drove by. One guy I know even hit a cop car. The cop stopped, looked at him, then drove on. Besides, those plows are trying to get that snow OUT of the street. Don't put more in it.

2). It's okay to make a pile between your yard and your neighbor's yard as long as you are working together. Don't assume it's okay to dump your pile on his pile.

3). If your neighbor was nice enough to clear your walkway without asking, return the favor at some point. He was just trying to be nice and it's nice to be nice back.

4). Piling snow around vehicles parked on the street just makes you a jerk.

5). Closing the drapes and pretending you are not home just makes you a jerk. Everybody knows that you're in there. Get out and help a little.

We don't need to overdo it here. Just clear enough so people can make it up the sidewalk or to your door.

We can all ignore that guy who overdoes it and tries to make the rest of us look lazy. He's kind of a jerk too.


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