THIS IS A TRUE STORY! I just want to get that out of the way upfront. You can read the entire story from the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois: It begins with a husband looking out the window and saying to his wife, "There's a yellow cardinal outside." The wife informs him that there is no such thing as a yellow cardinal. He insists she come look. She does but of course, the bird flies away before she gets to the window. She tells him that it must have been some other kind of bird because there is no such thing as a yellow cardinal. 

Yellow cardinals do exists. It's rather like saying you saw an albino deer. The color comes from when the pigment in their feathers fail. They are out there but very rare.

Over the next few days the husband keeps an eye out in case the bird returns. It does. He takes a photo of it. He shows it to his wife. 

These birds are so rare his picture makes the local news in his town. The town newspaper runs the story with a photo of his bird and his name.

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FORGET THE BIRD! Who cares about a stupid yellow bird? The fact that the local newspaper ran a story confirming what the husband saw is documented proof that a wife told a husband "you are wrong!"  BUT SHE WAS WRONG! 

At this point the human race has no idea what to do. You see up until now 97% of all scientist agreed that when a disagreement occurs between a husband and a wife the husband is always wrong. The 3% of remaining scientist are either bachelors or divorced. 

We reached out to the wife for a comment. She wasn't talking. We asked her what was wrong. She said, "NOTHING."

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