God bless the parody song writers.

When times are tough, they know just how to write something that will make us laugh at our pain.

If you're thinking - 'well that is just not appropriate,' you could be correct. But isn't that the point?

Here are some of the best Covid Christmas songs I could find to help you though this holiday season.

I'll warn you in advance, this first song is annoying, but it does fit the theme.

We can't do this without doing the 12 Days Of Covid Cristmas. 

It's Beginning To Look A Like Like COVID!

A Very Merry Covid Christmas - Chris Stapleton

Deck The Halls - Covid style.

Erica Bostick - The Covid Christmas Song

You can play the old favorite Christmas tunes, like you do every year. But why not think outside the box during times like these.

And make sure to turn these great, irreverent, Christmas parody songs up all the way so your neighbors can hear it. It’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

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