Annette came to Wyoming to see the UFOs at that tower thingy and to pet the fluffy bears and cows. She knew that being out here would require ruffing it, as her mother did way back in the 1980s before people had cool stuff.

It is hard enough to sit in a car for 3 hours without passing a single Starbucks. Does Wyoming even have a mall? It was hard enough to try and post a selfie with just 2 bars. But no one told her about not having a cell signal at all.

She felt her heart flutter when it happened. But she assured herself it would only last a moment. But that moment dragged on.

There were plenty of other people around here when she lost signal. But she felt all alone. Disconnected from the Matrix. She spun around holding her phone in the air, hoping for a single bar.

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'Is this what it's like to live in one of those starving countries?' she wondered.

Annette let out a blood-curdling scream. She felt as if she was going to DIE! If The Red Cross could set up tents for those in drought-stricken areas then there must be such a place for those without a cell signal.

Annette's parents helped her to the car. "Everything is going to be alright sweaty," her mother told her. "You are going through withdrawals. Just hang in there. You'll feel different in a little while."

Annette's poor parents worked with their little girl through an entire day and a half of emotional extremes. Anger, rage, quiet and withdrawn, sleep fits, depression, anxiety hallucinations where she pretended that her phone was working... until, finally;

"Hey, Mom, look at the way those clouds seem to bubble up right at the top of that mountain."

Annette didn't see it but her mom reached over and took her father's hand. Daddy was holding back tears.

"Can we go back to that creek Daddy? That sounded pretty."

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