In the summer we play driving games with the kids to keep them from fighting or annoying us in 1000 other ways.

During winter driving, when everyone in the car is sure we are all going to die, it is time for a different sort of driving game to keep everyone distracted from the many horrible things that might happen.

Here are a few fun-ish and distracting Wyoming winter driving games. These games might even help the driver, rather than distract.

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1). Who Can Spot The Most Highway Delineators Game? Keep counting, and pointing them out. The more eyes watching for them the better chance of staying on the highway.

2). Who Can Spot The Snowdrift First Game. It can be hard to see at times. Knowing there is a drift coming can keep the driver's underwear clean.

3). The Which Way Were We Going Game. This game is much like blindfolding someone and spinning them around until they are dizzy. Say the car catches a patch of ice and goes spinning. The winner of the game is the first person who can point out which way the car was going on the interstate, so you do drive into oncoming traffic.

4). The How Long Till We Stop Game. This takes a little bit of math but the idea is to calculate how long it would take the car to stop, at this speed, on a road this slick.

5). Was That Our Road Game. It's hard to tell which road you usually turn down when everything looks so different. The first person to recognize the old road under its new look wins.

6). What Did That Sign Say Game. So many signs get covered up in a fine layer of snow it's hard to tell what's under it. Sometimes we can tell by the shape of the sign.

7). If We Pull Into That Can We Get Out Again Game. Take a poll of everyone in the car. If we pull into that, will we be able to get the car out or will we have to dig out way out?

8). Is There A Person In That Car Game. Look closely at abandoned cars on the side of the road and try to see if you can spot a person inside. If there is, maybe someone should call it in.

By the way, if you are playing any of these games, you should have stayed home.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

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