I really never see a cop get angry or upset until somebody gives them some grief they have to deal with. The cops I know, especially here in Wyoming, have a great sense of humor.

So, when someone decided to drive their vehicle into a retail store... and then left it there the Cheyenne Police Department decided to take to their Facebook page and ask the public for help finding the driver.

Here is what they posted: 

To the woman who felt compelled to donate her Subaru to Needs, inc. shortly after midnight, they're no longer taking vehicle donations. However, we do have your wallet and ID so feel free to come on back over and we can help you put together some of these puzzles you knocked off the shelves. If anyone saw this crash or has information on the whereabouts of our Subaru donor, please email Officer Maule at jmaule@cheyennepd.org.

You can see what the car looks like, embedded in the store, at this link.

A police officer must spend his day, every day that he is at work, dealing with some of the worst that humanity has to offer. About the only way to deal with it all and come out still acting like a normal human in a civilized society is to keep that sense of humor.

Special thanks to the CPD for keeping it light.

Now, if the rest of society can lighten up perhaps we'll all start doing a little better.

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