Little Fifi has to go out and pee. But it's a windy day in Wyoming and...

Okay when I say "windy day in Wyoming" I don't mean windy by the wimpy standards of most other states. I mean windy by Wyoming standards.

So, if you let Fifi out to go peepee, will Fifi wind up in a tree-tree?

Let me try that another way- imagine Toto ending up back in Kansas. Yeah, I mean windy like that.

Let's look at Fifi again- she crosses her legs and begs. Is it too windy to let her out on her own? Maybe she should be leashed up just in case she takes off like a kite.

By the way, if you do let her out remind her not to pee into the wind. With that in mind, you should stay upwind of any dog lifting their leg. Just saying.

Because this is a real concern in Wyoming we will now begin offering wind and gusting advisories for small dogs like Fifi. Consider this a public service for your peace of mind and the safety of small dogs.

You don't need to memorize the scale. Just listen for what sort of dog we call out on the radio in our small dog wind warning, then compare the size and weight of your dog to the one we have mentioned.

NOW YOU'RE SET! Don't forget to keep the gust factor in mind.

Chihuahua winds are 20mph or higher.

30mph sustained winds are Shih Tzu gusts.

35mph now refers to as Dachshund winds. This means that if you own a dog the size and weight of a Dachshund, you might want to let it pee on the papers inside or take it outside on a leash.

Terrier winds are 40mph.

Pug and Corgi winds are 45 and 50mph respectively.

If you hear your local radio station warning of Great Dane Winds... everybody should poop inside, even you.

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