It's not that often that Wyoming gets in the national news for much at all. Typically if that's the case, it's because a new celebrity moved to the region near Jackson Hole. But as of late, there have been a number of national media stories surrounding our state.

Perhaps the first things that might come to mind when reading that would be the recent political discussions involving Congresswoman Liz Cheney. And while she has been at the forefront of that lately, she is not exactly who or what we would be referring to in terms of Wyoming getting national media exposure.

Just a few weeks ago, MTV News did a feature on the fact that several celebrities have moved to Wyoming and the impact of such. Then, as venues have started to open up for events, the national music publication, Billboard, has done multiple stories about the promotional company AEG is hosting concerts in Cheyenne, at Terry Bison Ranch, to kick off a little bit of a return to normalcy. And thanks to the recent weather issues with May snow in the region, USA Today did a feature that showed a video, as seen below, of what it looked like in Cheyenne, WY on May 11.

And to think, the big celebrity news of the day was about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reuniting on a recent getaway to Montana. We were one state away from a full-blown media circus coming to Wyoming.

So like it or not, in case you haven't noticed, Wyoming has been getting some national attention in the news lately. It's only a matter of time before someone decides to film a Netflix series here that blows up on their streaming service. Stranger Things (pun) have happened.

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