Wyoming has had some really nice weather the past couple of weeks.

The next 6 days show continued nice weather, with only a chance of cold present.

Well, this is just WEIRD!

We live in WYOMING, after all.

From October 16th to the 17th, 1998, Casper got a whopping 18.7" of snow. This made the National Weather Service's list of TOP 25 snowstorms in our area since 1937.

Even just a couple of years ago we had some heavy snow by now.

A man clearing snow off of a car during a blizzard.
ca2hill, Getty Images

Fred Staffenfarction is more than just a little suspicious.

There is only one possible answer, said Fred. CANDA IS UP TO SOMETHING! We've seen this before. They make us feel safe. We are all out enjoying the great outdoors. THEN -- B O O M ! They hit us with the BIG ONE!

Well, he's not too off.

This week, 10/17 - 10/21 looks really nice.


attachment-Weather Bug

The forecast from Weather Bug shows a touch of winter, though late, is coming.

If the forecast holds we have a winter mix of snow, ice, rain, and let's not forget wind, all coming out way.

This is still not the big one, said Fred. I mean, they have to do something or we REALLY get suspicious.

Weather is always changing. The climate is always changing over long periods of time. There is no such thing as "normal" weather.

Don't forget, Wyoming used to be a tropical swamp. It's also been under a mile of ice more than once.

You can throw all that science stuff around all you want, quipped Fred. I blame Canada. Can't talk me out of it.

Well, whatever the case, winter is coming and forecasters say it should be wetter than in the past couple of years. Be ready for a bit more snow if that forecast holds.

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