You've seen it, cows and deer out in the same field together in the early morning.

Ever wonder what they talk about?

We don't hear many conversations but I'm sure they are whispering to each other when they are sure we can't hear them.

In the video below you'll get a hidden camera look and listen to what goes on in those conversations.

You'll have to pardon all the puns. This video is full of them.

attachment-Charlie Berens Youtube 1

The video is the creation of the YouTube star Charlie Berens. His videos portray life in the mid-west with sunning accuracy. I keep asking myself if this guy will ever run out of material but he never seems to.

Winter, fishing, ice fishing, sports. Name it and he has a video on it from that weird Minnesota he does so well. The videos even end with a YOU BETCH - YA!

He's also huge on TikTok.


attachment-Charlie Berens Youtube 2

The jokes are great.

The cow does not understand the buck hooking up with every doe he can find.

"Us cows have one partner for life," she says.

"BULL," says the buck."

"YEAH! that's him." says the cow.

I might need to throw in a disclaimer here:

This video is not for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone who might be triggered by jokes about killing animals for food. If you think that "meat is murder" then you might not like all of the murder jokes in this video. Move away. Go watch something else.

You have been warned.

For the rest of you, these jokes just might make you hungry.

Now, let's watch the video.

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Not long after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the was talk of Poland giving Ukraine some of their MiG fighter planes.

Poland is now part of NATO. So they were willing to part with the older Russian planes for newer and more hi-tech Western planes.

For several reasons, the deal fell through. Ukraine will not get the planes.

HEY Ukraine!
If you're still interested, Wyoming has a few old Polish MiGs we would be happy to give you.

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