Early March, 2021. Temperatures in the 50's and 60's. Just a light breeze. Partly cloudy to clear skies.

It seems so --- nice outside.

But people who live in Wyoming know better. They've been suckered like this before.

"Sure, I'll go for a walk," said Emit Snorkuf, "but only around the block, and I'm bringing my winter coat and snowshoes with me. I don't care what the forecast says."

Even the best weather forecasters have been taken by surprise. Often the best weatherman with the latest technology will make predictions about as accurate as a  medicine man throwing bones or an old lady reading tea leaves.

To tell a true story, I was snowed in and trapped in Buffalo Wyoming for two days due to a freak late spring blizzard. The weatherman never saw that one coming.

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"Oh I know the nature of Mother Nature," said Agnus Crump. "She's more ornery than my sister-in-law.  Yeah, old Ma' Nature wants me to think that's it's okay to plant my tomatoes. Well, I weren't born yesteryear. Been there and done made that mistake twice. Won't do it again."

While interviewing Agnus we saw her neighbor, Phineas Ferd, stick his head out the door for just a moment. "YUP! It's REAL NICE!" He quickly ducked back inside. We heard the bolt lock. "I don't fault him," said Agnus.

Weather in Wyoming is like having a big brother who is always picking on you. You're always ducking and spinning around, waiting for that next ear thump or snap in the bottom with a wet towel. Never know when it's coming.

But we all know that when spring finally does come to Wyoming, it is well worth the wait, and we are all reminded why we live here.

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