Writing the name of the woman you love might sound gross to some people.

But then again, maybe they just never had somebody do it for them.

If a woman came across her name written in yellow, in the white background of snow, she might just realize that, GOSH! he thinks of me.

It takes an extra bit of talent and practice to dot a name that has an "i."

Believe it or not, there is a song about this.

Sure, why now. Somebody had to think of it.

The old country singer Chet Akins wrong a song titled "I Still Write Your Name In Snow."

Because it's a country song it has to be a sad one about a man whose woman left him for another man.

But he still thinks about her, and, it's so romantic, he still writes her name in the snow.

You can listen to the song in the video below.

Searching YouTube I did find several videos on how to write in snow.

But these people did not seem to underhand.

They walked around leaving footprints.

Or they used a stick or some other instrument.

THAT IS NOT what Chet Atkins meant when he wrote this song.

Writing in the snow is something only a guy can do.

That's why women find it so romantic.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

He has no choice but to write in cursive.

Guys prefer women with shorter names.

If she has a long name he might just go for a nickname or her initials.

Stopping and starting for each letter is just about impossible to do.

Unless a man has had a lot of time to practice, then maybe he can.

But no man want's to expose that part of his body to the cold for that long.

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