According to THE ONION NEWS...

Let's just stop right there. At this point, you know that you are not about to find out the real Most Common Cause Of Death In Wyoming.

Do you care? Good, let's move on.

According to THE ONION NEWS the most common cause of death in Wyoming is

Accidentally falling into geyser, getting shot out 300 feet into the air, landing safely on soft surface, only to realize soft surface is litter of grizzly cubs: Easily preventable if you just obey the park rules.

Well now that I look at it, this is actually plausible.

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Tourist season will soon be arriving in Wyoming and we are about to find out how often this happens in one year.

If you're curious, here are the most common causes of death in some other states, according to THE ONION!.

California: Liposuction accidentally sucks out internal organs: An all-too-common death in the physique-obsessed Golden State.

OH YEAH, I can believe that. I can also believe that people will die getting trampled to death while rushing to leave the state.

We are Wyoming, so we must ask about our EVIL evil NEMESIS to the south...

Colorado:Avalanche: That’s what you get for loudly opening a can of beer on the slopes.

Sorry Onion, that's lame. 

How about TAXED TO DEATH for Colorado?

THE ONION NEWS has one for every state if you want to check it out. But lets you and I get back to Wyoming.

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