Wyoming has not had much snow, so far this year. According to weatherman Don Day of Day Weather what we are experiencing is a dry side of the El Nino and La Nina effect in the Pacific. La Nina brings Wyoming dry weather.

I'm sure you miss shovelling all of that powder. I'm sure you miss having to shovel it all off of your car before you can drive.

Well, to help get in true Wyoming winter spirit, here is a video compilation of the best, worst, and most dangerous roof avalanches we've seen- courtesy of the Machinery Presents YouTube channel.

AH YES, there is nothing like hearing the creaking of the eves and that worried feeling that the roof might collapse in on you while you sleep. All you need to do is go out with a shovel or some other long-handled tool and poke in the right places until it all comes crashing down.

Careful, this is a dangerous game. If you are standing in the wrong place when it comes down you're going to be under it all!

Watching the snow slide off the roof is fun, everybody cheers.

Then moments later, seconds perhaps, comes that feeling when you realized, "Oh Crap, now I have to remove that big pile from my yard."

I've often wondered, why don't we just build homes with steeper pitched roofs? Not everywhere, just in those places where it snows enough. Then we would never have this problem.

Not to worry folks. La Nina does not last forever. El Nino will come back and we will be buried in snow again.

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