If you're in Wyoming this winter then you've seen the BIG TONKA TOYS eating up snow and spitting it out.

You love the video below.

Those drivers look bored to me.

Maybe because they've been doing it all day.

But, admit it, you'd like to try driving that machine for a little while.

It just looks like EPIC FUN!

Have you seen what one of these machines looks like when it's working at night?

Let's go to Casper Wyoming.

Tim Mandese stepped outside of his house on Oakcrest Avenue, across from the golf course, during a late-night snow blower run.

The wind had been howling all day across that golf course and most of the road had been covered in a high drift.

TRUST ME! Watch this video till the end.

The light changes the view a lot when the machine passes by.

There is a breeze, by Wyoming standards, and it's blowing a good amount of snow back across the road.

The driver is trying to put it all on the golf course, but nature is not cooperating.

Then Tim focuses in on the nozzle so we can see what is coming out.

Wow, that's a lot.

Up and over the fence most of it goes.

If the wind keeps up it won't stay there for long and that machine will have to come back.

But he can't put it on the other side of the road. There's a like of home on that side.

Here is what that process looks like during the day.


Tim took this picture a couple of weeks ago.

Notice the snow was a lot lower then.

It's had time to build up.

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