If you were in Wyoming on Valentines day you probably went to bed while it was snowing.

The day after, lets see what those roads look like Wednesday Morning.

No shocker here, most of I-80 is closed. You don't even have to look to know that.

I-25 is mostly open, though there are some white knuckle driving areas north of Cheyenne and all the way up.

Just be careful on I-25 in general.

There are nice areas where you can get up to the speed limit, but then you'll suddenly come across a patch of ice or snow when you least expect it. It will suprise you as you round a corner or crest a hill.

As of Wednesday morning I-25 was closed between Buffalo and Sheridan.

I-90, highway 14 and 16 are all closed between Buffalo and Gillette.

Highway 20, Wednesday morning, closed between Casper and Shoshoni.

Don't even think about trying to go though Muddy Gap.

No matter what rout you take, in any direction, they are all closed.

So that takes care of the center of the state.

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Traffic up Wind River Canyon is also closed until further notice.

Highway 28 South West of Lander is closed.

The good news is, other than a stretch of I-80, there won't be much for wind for a couple of days.

That means not much for drifting snow.

So WYDOT can clear and it will actually stay clear for a while.

If you were hopping for a quick cleanup, this might be it.

The wind then returns, with warmer temperatures, Thursday night through Saturday.

Sunday night into Monday, snow returns and here we go again.

Next week is a mix of nice sunny days followed by days of snow, then more wind, rinse and repeat until the end of the month, at least.

As always, here is Billy Delbridge with his I-80 is closed song.

You're welcome.

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