I did not grow up in snow. I grew up on a chain of Islands off of Florida's west coast. Literally Margaritaville. My experience as a winter snow driver is only 15 years long. During that time I have not spun out or slid down into a ditch one single time. But there are many who have grown up in these winter conditions who have, may times, and they never seem to learn.

Here are a few simple tips that will keep you on the road if you should happen to get caught out on the highway when you should not be. I say it that way because of tip #1.

1). Unless someone is DYING and you are the only person that can save their life, you do not "NEED" to be anywhere. There might be a few other excuses to be out in beyond crappy road conditions but not many. Learn when to say "the heck with it." You are not a wimp for doing so.

2). Do not be the first car in the line of cars heading down the highway. If you are first in line you are driving on solid slickness. Let as many cars and trucks pass and go in front of you as you can. Their tires are melting the snow ice and warming the road for you.

3). NEVER PASS THE SNOW PLOW! I don't care how slow he's going. Why the heck would you want to be in front of that? He's giving your a clean road. Stick with him.

4). You do not need to go fast. You need to stay on the road. Yes, I know, going 40mph on a highway with a speed limit of 80 can be aggravating. But the goal is not to get there fast. The goal is to get there without a scratch.

5). Keep your driving ego in check. By driving in the unplowed left lane of the interstate the only thing you are proving to the drivers you are passing is that you are not a smart driver.

6). Tailgating is always stupid. It is beyond stupid when the roads are full of snow and ice.

I just finished one of these bad highway trips. The drive was not intentional. Normally I would not have been on the road at all but it was one of those times when the weather started out great then went to crap.

I watched several idiots trying to pass in the unplowed lane only to spin off into the median. I passed the flashing lights of rescue workers trying to untangle cars and trucks that were too close to one another to stop or avoid the pileup.

If everyone were to just slow down and work together we could all make it to where we need to be.

But there is always that one jerk out there who thinks he's the best driver on the road. You know the guy, we all slow down to see if he's okay after he spins into the ditch.

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Have you ever seen something so incredibly beautiful while on your way to work it inclined you to turn around and take a picture of it?

I used to carry a camera with me but today all I really need is a cell phone. I'll leave the complicated equipment to my photography friends.

I'm one of those weirdoes who arrives at work just before 3am. On this morning, December 28th 2020, I drove slowly down icy streets in morning fog and 7f temperatures.

Fog at these temperatures causes what is called hoarfrost. I hate that name. That's why I wrote an piece a while ago renaming it "Lady Of The Evening Frost." That sounds more respectable.

On this morning the moon hung above this tiny Wyoming park and the lighting was so perfect I had to turn around and take some pictures to share with you.

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