"No such thing as a smoke-free establishment these days!" laughed Bart. "We're all smokers now!"

For the entire summer of 2021 Wyoming's skies have been filled with the thick smoke from the distant fires farther west. Because of this Bart has not had to buy many cigarettes. The smoke he loves so much is just naturally in the air.

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Tamara Dragovic

Bart's been a smoker since age 14 when he first tried a cigarette behind a barn in Lander, Wyoming. He's become rather irritated over the years as more and more restaurants and bars have become, "smoke-free."

"Been hard to enjoy a smoke," snorted Bart. "Weather gets real bad in the winter and there ain't no place warm enough for a fella to enjoy a drag or two."

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"But now I don't even have to step outside. The thick air from those forest fires has gotten into everything. It's like I have a cigarette going all the time."

"YUP, after dinner at a restaurant I don't have to step outside for a drag. I can just sit at the table in inhale."

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While Bart is used to it, those nonsmokers suffer from watery eyes and irritated sinuses. "Now they're all smokers like me! No more complaining that I lit one in front of them."

"It's been like walking around in my own personal smoker's cloud," smiled Bart.

"I'll be sorry when the last fire is put out and the sky clears. Do you have any idea how much money I've been saving on cigarettes? Heck, but don't tell the governor, he'll start taxing the air."

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