At one time Saturday Night Live was the hip new show that most of us stayed up late for because it was worth it.

Today... not so much.

It's not as funny as not as hip as it used to be. For that matter, who really says "hip" anymore.

SNL is also far more political than ever. As you'll see in the video, below, they took some time to lampoon Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, in a game show format.

Since the Wyoming Republican party has voted that they no longer see Cheney as a Republican, even though she is arguably the most conservative member of the U.S. House Of Representatives, SNL thought they saw an opportunity.

Though I have to wonder since so much of what they were talking about is inside the beltway as well as inside Wyoming politics, how many people in the studio audience, as well as across the nation, understood what they were lampooning?

Here in Wyoming, voters are mad as hell over Cheney's vote to impeach President Trump.

attachment-Cheney On ABC You Tube Screen Grab

Most people around the rest of the nation don't even know who she is.

News junkies will know her from her constant appearances on TV news shows, especially the weekend chat shows. They will also know her through her father.

So go on and give it a try. Watch the video below. This is a rare time when SNL actually even mentions Wyoming. Usually, this state is completely off their radar screen.

The Liz Cheney character comes on 3:36 into the skit.

Did SNL actually crack a few good jokes? Do they really understand what is going on?

You be the judge.

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