No one likes using them, but we have all had to at some point.

When using them, no one lines to look down that hole and we all try to breathe as little as possible. Everyone has left them feeling kinda gross.

Yet we curse when we need one and there is not a port-a-potty to be found.

If something makes Americans feel uncomfortable, we joke about it. Here are some of the best port-a-potty-prank videos I could find.

Military Police - keeping port-a-potties safe for America.

The Star Wars Port-A-Potty Prank.

2 minutes into this video, this prankster starts up a potty and starts driving it past people.

Lets record a music video in one. I bet the acoustics are INTERESTING!

From Family Guy, Peter tries not to look down the hole or smell. He fails, like the rest of us have.

At the 2:50 mark, watch out as pranksters return with A FLYING PORT-A-POTTY!

The Magic Port-A-Potty Prank.

The Board Room Prank.

DEAR LORD I hope this thing was empty when they launched it.

Stranded on a floating Port-A-Potty

Faking a man stuck down there.

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Stuck in there FOR EVER! Our worst nightmare.

Halloween costume? Sure why not.

The Home Sweet Home prank.


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